About me

Drawing on location at TEDxTilburg, April 2019. Photo by Sem Henneman / RAUW Grafisch Design


Drawing on location at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, January 2017.

Hi! Thank you for visiting my website! 

My name is Emma Bijloos (pronounced 'By-lohs'), and I'm a visual artist, illustrator and ‘urban sketcher’ based in The Hague, The Netherlands. My art inspiration and ideas come largely from the natural world - people, landscapes - and I love to work from life. I work with a range of media, mostly watercolors, pen and ink, and pencil. 

As an urban sketcher I’m experienced in drawing (and painting) on location, capturing what I see and hear from direct observation. I'm a fly-on-the-wall during events, meetings and workshops, creating a live documentation in the form of on location drawings. At the same time, I’ve done several custom-made portraits and landscape paintings working from second-hand images in my studio. 

I studied Fine Art at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague, and Cultural Studies at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Istanbul Bilgi University and the University of Amsterdam. A passion for drawing has been in my family for generations: my grandmother was a professional painter, and her father - my great-grandfather - a skilled drawer. I'm proud to carry on this family tradition! 

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