• Emma Bijloos

Favorite to make

Day 1 of #marchmeetthemaker.

As a painter and #urbansketcher I love to work on location, or ‘en plein-air (in the open air) as the French term puts it. There’s something magical about capturing the world around you as it appears to you in that particular moment. Like here at the coast of Cádiz, Spain, when I had to work fast because of the incoming tide. 🌊 🛶 😅

At the same time, I’ve done several commissioned portraits and landscape paintings working from second-hand images in my studio in The Hague. What do you prefer, working from life, or from photos? Or both? I would love to know!

Inspired to have something or someone dear to you captured in the form of a painting or drawing? I work both from photographs and from life. Click here for more information, or send me an email – I would love to explore the possibilities with you!

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