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Flatlay / Tools & materials

Day 3/4 of #marchmeetthemaker.

These are the tools and materials I may use when drawing/painting on location.

During last year’s #urbansketchers symposium in Portugal, I received two excellent pieces of advice: Pedro Alves (@dk_limp on Instagram) suggested using two sketchbooks, one good quality watercolor book and a simpler one for practice, while Jane Blundell (@janeblundellart) advised using two water containers, one for rinsing/cleaning the brush and one to mix with fresh paint. I’m looking forward to learning more during the upcoming @usksymposium in Amsterdam!

💡 What are some great tips or tricks you’ve received when it comes to #urbansketching / #pleinairpainting? What can’t you do without when painting on location?

From top left, clockwise (#nerdalert!):

  • small folding stool

  • two sketchbooks (one good quality watercolor book and a simpler one for practice)

  • bamboo brush wrap with variety of watercolor brushes

  • water containers

  • small portable watercolor palette with fresh paint in a good variety of colours

  • extra watercolor tubes

  • water bottle

  • bulldog clips

  • kneaded rubber eraser

  • pencil sharpener

  • pencil wrap with pencils and waterproof pens

  • watersoluble colour pencils

  • watercolor brush pens

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