• Emma Bijloos

How I started

Day 2 of #marchmeetthemaker.

I've been drawing my whole life, ever since I could hold a pencil. Here's a drawing I made at the age of ten, of my cat all curled up inside his favorite flower pot on the Carribean island Curacao. The hot climate would warm up the clay, making this pot an irresistible place for an afternoon nap.

Just looking at this drawing brings back so many memories I doubt any photo of that time really can. I think this has to do with the fact that drawing makes you really look at something for a longer time, finding moments of stillness in an otherwise busy world.

Do you remember making any of your early drawings? What did they make you feel like?

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Inspired to have something or someone dear to you captured in the form of a painting or drawing? I work both from photographs and from life. Click here for more information, or send me an email – I would love to explore the possibilities with you!

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