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Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Day 15 of #marchmeetthemaker.

To see so many happy faces holding a drawing or painting of my making is of course an excellent motivation. 😊 This year my goal is to continue making people happy with a custom-made drawing or painting, while at the same time investing more time and energy in my personal practice. Specifically, I would like to spend more time practicing on-location drawing, which - as I mentioned at the start of this challenge - remains my favorite to make. With the @usksymposium and a workshop by Róisín Curé coming up, that shouldn’t be a problem. 😄 Remember that if you sign up this March for my newsletter, I'll send you two postcards featuring one of my #urbansketches for free! Worldwide shipping via regular mail. 💌 That's all for me folks! I've had a lot of fun participating in this year's #marchmeetthemaker challenge, but with 15 posts done and 16 still to go, I've decided to call it a day. Time to grab my sketchbook, brushes and palette and head out for some actual painting! 🙋🏻‍♀️

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