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Meet-The-Maker Week

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Last November I participated in #MeetTheMakerWeek, a 6 day Instagram photo challenge for designer/makers and small creative businesses to inform new customers about their products and the making process. Below you find all of my six Instagram-posts and -stories combined - I hope this'll give you a better idea about what I make, what inspires it, how it's made and what (I think) makes it special.

- Product or range -

For this challenge I thought I’d zoom in on one of my favorite assignments so far: a 1m-long watercolor painting of the Grand Canyon, made for a friend and her husband in memory of their travels together. I based it on photos they made during their trip, and a fair bit of research to understand better what I was painting. As a result, I almost feel as if I’ve been there myself! 💙⛰🎒

- What inspired it? -

The idea for a panorama painting of the Grand Canyon emerged during a brainstorm session with my friend Hannah in her new home. Going through the photos she and her husband made during their trip, one stood out because of its bright blue sky, view of the valley and the Colorado river, and including the Desert View watchtower. In my ink and watercolor study I added a couple of details seen in other photos, making this particular scene more personal and meaningful. 👌🌤🖊

- Making proces -

For my watercolor painting of the Grand Canyon I used a basic palette of ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ primary colors and a selection ‘earth’ tones. I’d learned a lot about setting up a palette during a workshop by Jane Blundell in Portugal earlier this year, and her website is a great resource. Jane’s vast collection of watercolor swatches also inspired me to make my own - they’re super useful in deciding which colors to use for a painting. 💦🎨☝️

- Detail ✨ -

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I love adding little details to my paintings. That final stage of ‘dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s’ - to me it’s like the icing on the cake! 🎂 In this case, a very large ‘cake’ - a painting of the Grand Canyon measuring 1m in width. Detail heaven! 🤗

For this particular painting, if I had to choose one favorite element or detail, it would be the camper van - something I was reluctant to paint at first when I took on the assignment. However, for the couple who commissioned the painting the van - ‘ugly’ though I thought it was - had emotional value, as it had been their home during their travels. So in it went, and in hindsight I think it makes the whole scene look more interesting. To me, that’s the real charm of working on commission: it’s a joint effort, and makes you see things differently. 👀👌

- What (else) do you make? -

As a professional painter/drawer I focus on what is meaningful to people, be it another person or pet, landscape, building, or object. Quite often, it’s a combination of those - like in this portrait/church interior drawing I made yesterday in preparation for a new watercolor painting. While this commissioned painting for a newly wedded couple is based on photographs, I also love to work from life - like in the case of the portrait I made recently of a couple during their wedding ceremony (swipe left). It’s a privilege to be able to make something so special! 😌

- Where can you buy? -

Here’s a photo of two happy customers: my cousin and his girlfriend, whom he surprised with a custom-made painting of the two of them traveling the world. That’s the cool thing about a custom-made painting or drawing, you can let your imagination run wild! 🌎💕🖼

Interested in having a custom-made painting or drawing of someone or something you love? As a professional watercolor artist and drawer I value a personal approach – working together with my Dutch and international clients to find a solution that fits their needs. I work both from photographs and from life. For more information check out this page, or send me a message at info@emmabijloos.com. I look forward to exploring the possibilities with you! 🤗

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