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Paul Wang's Daniel Smith watercolor palette - a closer look

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

At the International Urban Sketchers Symposium in Amsterdam last month, I received a Watercolor Dot Chart from John Cogley, the owner of Daniel Smith, featuring 17 beautiful colors recommended by Paul Wang. Paul Wang is a passionate and virtuous urban sketcher based in Singapore. His sketches are bursting with vivid colors and playful convoluted lines, as you can clearly see in the images below (courtesy of Paul Wang).

About his choice of colors, Paul writes:

"As an Urbansketcher sketching mainly on-location, I needed paints that are vibrant, responsive and versatile. My approach to sketching and painting is spontaneous and playful. Therefore I need paints that will mix, disperse and flow with incredible ease."

Daniel Smith is one of the best manufacturers of watercolors in the world, so these color dots are precious. I therefore decided to paint-out the dots in my watercolor sketchbook, and add notes about their characteristics and pigments. I also added Transparent Red Oxide, which was included as a pan in our symposium goodie bag as a recommendation from Paul. Check out the resulting color chart below - such a beautiful mix of colors!

My personal favorites - and new discoveries - are Cobalt Blue Violet, Lunar Earth (such a high level of granulation!), and Jadeite Genuine. This last color, like Blue Apatite and Green Apatite, is part of Daniel Smith's PrimaTek Watercolor series - unique colors made with authentic mineral pigments. Paul Wang describes them accurately: "They are simply nature's color and texture packed into a tube."

Which colors in Paul Wang's Daniel Smith palette do you like best?

With thanks John Cogley/Daniel Smith, Paul Wang and the International Urban Sketchers Symposium team.


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