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Scheveningen studies: painting on the beach

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Summer in my hometown The Hague means spending time at the local beach. Last month I made two paintings during these visits which you can see below. The short story as well as the photos and video were published first on Instagram.

Sunday 4 August 2019

Spent the afternoon at the nearby beach and painted this small fence on the way home. It was part of a walking route, and quite a few people used it while I sat painting. Most reacted friendly, but there was one lady who stood for a long time in front of the fence (and in front of me, but I kept quiet, after all it’s public space), then turned to me and asked me in a demanding voice if I knew if the path was “leading anywhere”. I looked up at her and shook my head, then she said: “You don’t know if it leads anywhere or you don’t know where it leads?” I said I didn’t know anything about the path. Then she turned away and said: “Thank you kindly”, but she didn’t sound kind at all. Maybe she’d been walking for a while and was just tired. Either way, I didn’t learn anything about this path or where it leads, but I spent a couple of very happy hours painting it. 🙂

Watercolor in A5 Hahnemühle watercolor book.

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