Looking for a unique way to capture your event?

An innovative event deserves to be recorded in an innovative way. As a writer and ‘urban sketcher’, I’m experienced in drawing and writing on location, capturing what I see and hear from direct observation.


I'm a fly-on-the-wall during events, meetings and workshops, creating a live documentation in the form of on location drawings and paintings. I would love to help contribute to making your event a success by creating a unique and artistic visual record. 

Take a look at my recent projects, or check out my personal sketchbook for inspiration. 


Price indication 2019: 568,98 EUR including (Dutch) VAT for a concertina-style album (size A5, containing 22 separate pages or 11 spreads).

Drawing on location at TEDxTilburg, April 2019. Photo by Sem Henneman / RAUW Grafisch Design

Inspired? Just get in touchI would love to explore the possibilities with you!

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